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HRD PGDM (MBA) in Pune, India.


BIMHRD-Cutting Edge Management Education

At BIMHRD we believe in providing our students a cutting edge over the others by providing them with nothing less than the very best. We believe in forging new and uncharted paths to ensure that we incorporate the needs of the corporate world.

At BIMHRD students are put through a schedule that strikes a perfect balance between academic inputs and workshops conducted by stalwarts veterans from the corporate world which, in turn,  gives them exposure to the latest developments in the industry.

Our rigorous schedule ensures that our students emerge as the very best in all aspects of the business.

A BIMHRDian has been groomed into a jet-setting individual, who believes in corporate social responsibility, personal accountability and integrity.


BIMHRD won B-school Leadership Award. Bimhrd director Dr. G. Goplalakrishnan received this award for BIMHRD in "National Education Awards-2012" organized by Headlines Today on 14th Dec.2012, Taj Vivanta Ambassador, New Delhi.

BIMHRD has been awarded as Best Management & HRD education institute at World Education Congress Global Award for Excellence in Education, Leadership & Teaching on 29th June, 2012, Mumbai

Dr. (Col) A Balasubramanian with Dr. G. Gopalakrishnan
Director BIMHHRD, receiving the Award.!!!
  1. Sri Balaji Society's (BIMM/BITM/BIIB/BIMHRD) - Ranked 3rd Top B-Schools in Pune (Times of India B-School Survey, February 2017)
  2. Sri Balaji Society's (BIMM/BITM/BIIB/BIMHRD) - Ranked 18th amongst Top Private B-Schools in India (Times of India B-School Survey, February, 2017)
  3. BIMHRD Ranked as one amongst the top 41 Private B-school in India (Source: Times of India B-School Survey, February 29th 2016.)
  4. Outlook-Drshti Survey:- One among the Top 100 Management Schools (Ranked 91) dt. 5th Oct.2015
  5. The Week- Hansa Research Survey:- One among the Top B schools (Ranked 70, ranked 49th in Top private B schools).dt 25 Oct.2015
  6. Times B school survey: One among the Top B schools :- (Ranked 66) dt 27 Feb.2015
  7. Indian Management (AIMA):- ( Rating A5) dt June 2015
  8. BIMHRD Pune is Ranked 42nd Top B-School in India. (Source: Times & Nielsen Survey, Times Top B School Survey, 31 March 2014. Times of India)
  9. BIMHRD won LOKMAT National Education Award - Outstanding B-school (WEST)
  10. Ranked amongst the Top 67 Private B-Schools in the country and top 20 Private B-schools in Maharashtra (Source: Business Today, October 2013)
  11. Ranked amongst the Top 47 in Group and Top 18 Private B-schools in Maharashtra (Source: CSR-GHRDC B school survey Nov-2013)
  12. Rated AAA B-School (Source: Careers360, November 2013)
  13. Ranked amongst the Top 24 Private B school in Maharashtra (Source: The Week, October 2013)
  14. Ranked amongst the Top 35 Private B school in West Region (Source: Business World, July 2013)
  1. Rated A++ B-School in India (Source: Business India, November 2013)
  2. Categorized A in Excellence B Schools and 25th in Infrastructure Capital (Source: MBA By Choice, November 2013)
  3. Ranked in Premium Group of B School in GO Getter B School Survey 2013 (Source: Go Getter Survey, December 2013)
  4. BIMHRD ranked among the TOP 100 best b-schools in India (Business Today, October 2013), survey conducted by MDRA.
  7. Asia's Best B-School Award 2011 'Suntec Singapore'
  8. Ranked as Best B-School in HRD (19th Business School Affair and 'DEWANG MEHTA Business School Award') November 2011.
  9. Ranked as 'A++' Grade institute by "Business India" on October 2010.
  10. Outstanding B-school (West) Award in the category of B School leadership awards, by Dainik Bhaskar February 2010.
  11. Ranked in the Top 50 Private B-schools - "Wall Street Journal" USA (October 2009)
  12. Ranked as Best B-school in HRD (Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2009)
  13. Bimhrd Ranked Amongst top 50 business school in india source :Career Connect,Best College in India,june 2014 vol3 issue2
  14. National Education Leadership Awards- outstanding b-school(west) presented by ET now 16th feb 2013,taj lands end Mumbai
  15. Bimhrd one Among the top 100 b schools- survey conducted by the week - hansa research(The Week november 2013)
  16. Ranked as best b -school in Hrd (19th business affair and dewang mehta business school awards nov 2011)

Admission for Year 2018-20

Common Admission Process for BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD, In 26 Centers All Over India.

Common Admission Process for BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD, In 34 Centers All Over India.

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