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Prof. Balasubramanian

Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian

Dean, BIIB
The Founder, President, Sri Balaji Society, Pune

Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian Profile:

  • Ex-Serviceman to Indian Army for 28 yrs.
  • The only Indian in the history of India to be conferred with honorary rank of a full Colonel from the Ranks of Subhedar by President of India.
  • Triple Post Graduate (M.A., PGDM, & MPM)
  • Formerly, Founder Director of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) & many more management institutes
  • Author of numerous Management works
  • Currently, Founder, Dean & Chairman Of Sri Balaji Society, Pune

"Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian is a rare personality known for his creative approach and making history after history.He is a classic example of courage, commitment and intimate relationship with the corporate world.i have seen him as a student,as a soldier,as a lecturar,as a trainer,as a consultant, as the Director of a management institute, as the Chairman, University Paper Setting / Evaluation committe for MBA / MPM examinations and now, as an author. He has many feathers in his cap and is known for his creative, successful and bold experiments in the management education/ventures".

This Ex-Serviceman is the only 'Subhedar' to have been conferred the rank of 'Honorary Colonel' by His Excellency Shri K.R.Narayanan, the then President of India and the Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces, India.

Sheer hard work and unflinching devotion to the noble cause of providing management education has led BIIB to establish itself as a premier business school in a short time span. A man of singular qualities, our 'Bala Sir,' provides us his riveting direction and purpose.

Endowed with qualities of sincerity, dedication & discipline, his dynamism and personal interaction is a source of inspiration for the future managers as well.

When a company recruits, they look at knowledge, skill, attitude, & personality

- Dr. (Col.) A Balasubramanian, Interview with 'The Times of India, Pune' - Ascent Global .
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A brief Rendezvous with our Bala Sir…

Q.What are the current trends in Management Education?
A. We live in exciting times. Technology, globalization and new economy have changed the paradigms of business. They have fueled a new thinking in business process and management education. Today's business challenges can no longer be approached solely from an accounting, finance or marketing perspective. Instead, solutions are often complex and inter disciplinary in nature requiring growth prospects and critical thinking skills on the part of the manager.

Q.What is the “BIIB” concept and what benefits does it offer to students and corporates?
A. Drawing on the recognized strength of our PGDM Program, its strong international blend, integrated approach to study and focus on interactive teamwork; we are implementing some exciting initiatives within the program that will help us align our curriculum closer to complexities of a multi disciplinary scenario rather than conventional “Silos” of functionality.

Q.What are your ideas about Industry-driven education, which is the operating philosophy of BIIB?
A.This is the third decade where I am interacting with business corporations. Insightful strategies for changing business needs make us flexible in matching managerial requirements. Quality contact with faculty and industry leaders inspires our students to think beyond traditional lines. Students debate key learning points. Their exposure to intricate role playing exercises and workshops led by diverse and reputed industry leaders replicate the business situations in a classroom setting. Management education must evolve and become a living, breathing discipline.

Q. What is your advice for budding managers who are faced with the task of wealth creation for the company they join and the nation at large?
A. Customer satisfaction is affordable and profitable. Corporates ever in search of quality managerial talent ought to be an interesting proposition to young students. My esteemed corporate-friends, your continuous association and support are an elevating and energizing motive power.

Our Bala Sir has been a Soldier, a Lecturer, a Trainer, a Consultant, and the Chairman, University Paper Setting/Evaluation Committee for MBA/MPM Examination and now The Director and Dean of the two Management Institutes has also written several books on management. Born in the year 1946, he is a vision and a guiding light and helmsman to BIIB.

“Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian is a rare personality known for his creative approach and for making history after history. He is a classic example of courage, commitment and intimate relationship with corporate world... I have seen him as a Student, as a Soldier, as a Lecturer, as a Trainer, as a Consultant, as the Director of a Management Institute, as the Chairman, University Paper Setting/Evaluation Committee for MBA/ MPM Examinations and now as an Author. He has many feathers on his cap and is known for his creative, successful and bold experiments in Management Education / Ventures.

Dr. P. C. Shejwalkar
Dean, Faculty of Management Studies
University of Pune


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